With lots of data about something, you can examine that data in intelligent ways to find patterns. In other words, machine learning can help you create smarter applications.

We combine human input with patterns in your data to find the best approach for solving your problem, whether its predicting workforce, solving population problems, predicting high risk patients, or what’s the best day to run that promotion.


With deep learning we go even more in depth to analyse data, than we do with machine learning. Deep refers to the numbers of layers, where the logical structured algorithms (artificial neural network or ANN for short) are able to learn and determine whether the predictions are accurate or not.

Here, machines can learn to make their own accurate decisions, without being programmed, similarly to how a human brain would come to that decision.


Analyse an image, scan and dissect that image 100 different ways to return information about visual content found in an image. Computer Vision uses tagging, descriptions, and domain-specific models to identify content and label it with confidence.

Apply the adult/racy settings to enable automated restriction of adult content. Identify image types, colour schemes, detect logos, or tell the different between a Boeing 777 and a Fokker 100. Computer vision can scan documents and can work with live video too!


Search provides the super human ability to comb billions of webpages, images, videos, and news with a single API call.

What's an API ? A single request for pre-indexed information.... the secret is architecting all of your data to sit in the clouds where the AI gods will work their synthetic magic. With search, you can be exponential by making the simple decision to store your data in the smartest way possible.


Natural Language isn't just about chatbots. Let's take email... there are over 270 billion emails sent every day, and most people are having trouble keeping up.
To identify valuable information in your conversations, Language Understanding models interpret goals in a message (intents) and distils valuable information from sentences (entities), for a high quality, instruction that you can delegate to an AI.

Language Understanding integrates seamlessly with all channels, Facebook messenger, Kik, Skype, even text messages, making it easy to delegate your appointment book, profile your resumes or chase up 6000 people who are running late on their payments.


The universe is all foretold models. There is a mathematical formula that describes everything; how a flock of birds fly through the sky, what makes a couple fall in love, or how you research products and flash your credit card. Reinforcement learning is used to continuously improve the quality of models.

Once the model starts processing behaviours, Language Understanding begins active learning, allowing you to constantly update and improve the model. As your customer's preferences change, guess what, AI is already onto it.... those recommendations models adapt too.

Q n A

How do I login? What happens if the barcode doesn't scan? Where do I find information about my staff benefits? How many hours and hours of valuable knowledge walks out the door when your employees leave?

Artificial Intelligence fills the knowledge gap in your business with Question and Answers pairs designed around your business frequently asked questions.